My overall career goals is to make a difference in computing science world. Here are lists of my top short term and long term goals:

  • Short term
    • Excel working in the IT industry
    • Continue to learn as much as possible about programming theory and best practises
    • Continue to develop my graphic design skills
  • Long term
    • Help people as much as possible with my programming knowledge
    • Help lead large development projects as a lead developer and/or project manager
    • Become the owner of my own business


Over my career, I have developed many skills. Developing skills in a wide variety on areas in important to me. I plan to continue self directed learning and skill building throughout my career.

Below you will find my current skills list

Skills List

Skills Experience Event
Collaborating 8 years

• Worked in team environments including managers, designers, and other engineers at several organizations

• Worked on several group projects every semester while studying at Saint Mary's and NSCC

Presenting 8 years

• Made presentations of technical information to other engineers and developers

• Made presentations each semester while studying at Saint Mary's including the presentation of a business plan to a group of local business leaders

• Made presentations while at NSCC

Writing 8 years

• Wrote technical documentation for software and products I have worked on

• Wrote numerous papers and reports while studying at Saint Mary's

• Wrote numerous UML Documents such as Use Cases, Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, and Entity Relationship Diagrams while at NSCC and Public Works

Developing 6 years

• Developed websites and web applications using PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, ASP.net, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Programming 4 years

• Implemented Android and iOS mobile applications

• Implemented desktop and command line applications using C++, Java, C#, and VB

Managing 6 years

• Managed source code for many websites and applications using SVN and Git

• Managed several websites at several different domains including server configuration and site files

Designing 5 years

• Designed numerous bitmap and vector images as while as flash animations using the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, Dreamweaver)

Managing 7 years

• Took leadership rolls in many of the teams I have work on in my career

• Took leadership rolls in many group projects throughout my education career including the development and presentation of a business plan

Organizing 12 years

• Organized resources for software projects including developer and designer hours

• Organized the cleaning of office building including maintain stock of supplies, managing when cleaning is performed, ensuring cleaning is done properly, as while as invoicing

Helping 8 years

• Trained new employees and mentor junior engineer

• Helped fellow students with various problems, assignments, and projects throughout my education career

Tutoring 1 year

• Tutored students in web development and programming at Nova Scotia Community College

Evaluating 6 years

• Analyzed financial documents including balance sheets, income statements, cashflow statements as while as other financial information while studying at Saint Mary's

Developing 3 years

• Created financial documents for a business plan including cashflow statements, balance sheets, and income statements

Forecasting 3 years

• Made financial projections for a business including revenues, expenses, and profits