Over the past years, I have taken my education very seriously. After graduating high school from Charles P. Allen in Bedford N.S., I attended Saint Mary's University. I spent four years working towards a Bachelor of Commerce. My major was Small Business and Entrepreneurship and through my experiences with faculty and my fellow students I learned a great deal about business and my plans for the future.

During my time at Saint Mary's, I also attended night classes at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). I took classes in computer graphics. The classes trained me in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite. My classes included five 30 hour classes, each in a specific program. These programs included Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. After completing these courses I had more than the requirements for NSCAD's Certificate in Computer Graphics.

After leaving Saint Mary's, I enrolled in the Nova Scotia Community College's Information Technology Diploma. My concentration was Programming. I got the chance to work with many languages such as PHP, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and VB. I also worked with many databases including MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Information Technology Diploma:

Course Code Grade
Internetworking I NETW 1020 92%
Operating Systems - Windows OSYS 1040 95%
Logic and Problem-Solving PROG 1026 100%
Website Development INET 1000 Obtain Recognition for Prior Learning
Introduction to Business for IT Professionals BUSI 2750 Obtain Recognition for Prior Learning
Technical Communications ICOM 1215 Obtain Recognition for Prior Learning
Database Management Systems I DBAS 2020 100%
Hardware I HDWR 1000 85%
Human Relations for IT Professionals ICOM 1290 Obtain Recognition for Prior Learning
Project Management for IT ICOM 1325 80%
Operating Systems - Unix OSYS 1000 99%
Programming I PROG 1040 100%
Introduction to Systems Analysis & Design SAAD 2000 81%
Cooperative Education ICOM 2996COOP With the Department of Public Works
Applied Portfolio Learning I ICOM 3550 Covered by CO-OP
IT On-Ramp ICOM 1001 Completed
Introduction to WHMIS
(Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)
SAFE 1000 Completed
Introduction to NS OH&S Act SAFE 1001 Completed
Concentration: Programming
Professional Development for IT ICOM 1300 Obtain Recognition for Prior Learning
Programming II PROG 2010 96%
Applied Portfolio II - Programming ICOM 4555 Covered By CO-OP
Web Database Programming INET 2005 100%
Java Programming PROG 4020 91%
SQL and Transaction Processing PROG 3010 96%
Data Structures PROG 2020 93%
Introduction to Windows Programming PROG 3030 99%
Advanced Object Oriented Programming PROG 3060 92%
Advanced Systems Analysis & Design (QA &UML) SAAD 4000 94%

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Bachelor of Commerce:

Course Code Grade
Year 1:
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 1201 A-
Beginners' French Level I FREN 1111 B+
Intro Business Management MGMT 1281 A
Quantitative Methods I MGSC 1205 A
Introduction to Psychology PSYC 1200 A-
Intro to Computer Applications CISY 1225 A-
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 1202 A-
Introduction to Literature ENGL 1205 A-
Quantitative Methods II MGSC 1206 A-
Social Behavior PSYC 1250 B-
Year 2:
Introductory Financial Acct ACCT 2241 B
Legal Aspects of Business I CMLW 2201 A-
Micro Organizational Behavior MGMT 2383 A-
Introductory Statistics MGSC 2207 B+
Introduction to Marketing MKTG 2270 B
Introductory Managerial Acct ACCT 2242 B+
Communications COMM 2293 B-
Macro Organizational Behavior MGMT 2384 B+
Drugs and Behavior PSYC 3349 A
Year 3:
The Sky and Planets ASTR 1215 A
Microeconomic Theory ECON 3300 B
Business Finance I FINA 2360 B-
Structuring the Start Up MGMT 3389 A-
Entrepreneurship: Theory & Con MGMT 4494 A-
Stars and Galaxies ASTR 1216 A-
Business Finance II FINA 3361 A-
Human Resource Management MGMT 3385 B
Management Skills I MGMT 4483 A
Staffing and Selection MGMT 4482 A
Strategic Management MGMT 4489 B
Year 4:
Cost Mgt: Measurement Sys ACCT 3333 A-
Money & Banking ECON 3307 B
New Venture Opportunities MGMT 4487 A
Marketing Management MKTG 3379 B+
Occupational Health Psyc PSYC 3392 A
Public Finance: Taxation ECON 3319 A
Family Business MGMT 3380 A-
Ethical Respons of Organiz MGMT 3480 B
Small Bus Performance Improv MGMT 4495 A
Introductory Sociology SOCI 1210 A-